Rain Taxi gives FANTASTICAL a RAVE review

FANASTICAL is proud to receive an insightful and very positive review from Rain Taxi’s Scott F. Parker: http://www.raintaxi.com/rain-taxi-review/print-edition/ Parker concludes with: “The surprising effect of such disorientations is to pull the reader deeply into Bulatovi´c’s childhood world. It can be an unfamiliar place both in terms of the world itself and the logic that controls them in the book. But … Read More

How big is the self-publishing and impact-article

Interesting article about the disruptive force of self-publishing and the continued quest to quantify it. This is for sure: self-publishing is transforming the book publishing industry and there is no turning back…so, get on board and participate! http://www.thebookseller.com/futurebook/how-big-self-publishing-results  

FANTASTICAL book launch party in Michigan!!

Thanks to all our friends and family for making the MI FANTASTICAL book party a success!! Great to see so many wonderful people!! Thanks for your support.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fantastical-Tales-of-Bears-Beer-and-Hemophilia/314340458777072?ref=hl

Story Circle’s Judy Plazyk’s amazing review of FANTASTICAL!

http://www.storycirclebookreviews.org/reviews/fantastical.shtml “The cover of Fantastical…depicts a black-hatted bear standing upright atop a large ball, a black cane in one large paw. I wondered whether this slim volume of stories could live up to this imaginative cover with its dancing bear and tantalizing title. I needn’t have worried…Fortunately, Bulatovic carries the culture with her and shares its beauty, its spectacle, its … Read More