Story Circle’s Judy Plazyk’s amazing review of FANTASTICAL!

“The cover of Fantastical…depicts a black-hatted bear standing upright atop a large ball, a black cane in one large paw. I wondered whether this slim volume of stories could live up to this imaginative cover with its dancing bear and tantalizing title. I needn’t have worried…Fortunately, Bulatovic carries the culture with her and shares its beauty, its spectacle, its curiosities, and its foibles with her readers.
…Fantastical is clearly a labor of love: Bulatovic has a deep affection and respect for this lost world. Her lens is tight…
…Time, maturity, and an innate talent for the written word enable Bulatovic to articulate these scenes from her childhood in gorgeous language—she has a gift for description—but even though the language is adult, she manages to capture the innocence, wonder, even naughtiness, of her younger self with immediacy.
In a brief postscript, Bulatovic explains that she wrote these stories after the birth of her first child, both as a respite from the demands of new motherhood and in a quest for “wisdom and enlightenment.” In sharing this vivid portrait of a place that is lost to history, Bulatovic has given both her readers and her son a lovely gift.”

Thank you Judy and Story Circle!

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