Laura Hartman reviews FANTASTICAL on writeknit

Fantastical Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophlilia: Eyes of a Child/Wisdom of an Adult by Laura Hartman. 

Laura provides one-line insight into each of the stories:

…”My plan was to tell you about one or two of my favorites. Looking at the table of contents, it was impossible to narrow it down. So I’ll give you a sentence on each.

Hanging at the Day Care:  Does saving someone’s life really save them?

Friday Mornings: From Farm to table, her grandparents fed their family with food and love.

Wild Strawberry Jelly: Kids are kids no matter where they live.

Blood-Stained Cigarettes: Stairways of her building hold secrets, Bulatovic searches for the truth.

Puddle Under My Chair: A grandfather’s love is unconditional.

Gypsy Magic: Gypsies and bears – enough said!

Keeping the House in Order: Her grandparents liked order in their household – but sometimes too much!

The Angel of Syphilis: Princesses or hookers – you decide.

The Suicide Cult: Crazy, scary things happen in everyone’s life.

Stranger in the Bed: Visiting relatives can be challenging.

Hotdogs and Hemophilia: Forget the nitrates in hotdogs; Bulatovic has to worry about them causing hemophilia.

The Engagement: Men and sports can really get under the skin of the women that love them.

Whose Sit Is It Anyway? This essay made me laugh out loud.

Postscript: To quote the author, “…life is much more than a sum of mundane survival activities.”

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